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Who wrote Ab Fab?
Who was Script Editor?
Who played Patsy?
Who played Mother?
Who played Edwina?
Who played Bubble?
Who played Saffron?
Who is Edwina's other child?
Who was Edwina's second husband?
In what episode do we find out that Patsy used to be a man?
What is Patsy's sister called?
When did Ab Fab begin?
What episode does Serge appear in?
In the episode 'New Year's Eve' what does Patsy choke on?
Who is Bubble's cousin?
What designer does Eddy always wear?
In the episode 'Identity' who do we see being released from prison?
Who is Jane?
Which Spice Girl has made appearances in the show?
Which Scottish singer has made apperances in the show?
What was Patsy's name when she was a man?
Where do Eddy and Saffy live?
Which model did Eddy PR?
How many times has Eddy married?
What is Eddy and Saffy's surname?
What is Patsy's surname?
What is Bolly?
Who burnt out Eddy's kitchen?
What is Saffy's husband called?
Who wrote the theme song 'This Wheel's on Fire'?

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