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Role (on the Simpsons)ActorOscar Winning Film(s)
Mr. Bergstrom, the title character in the episode 'Lisa's Substitute'
Mrs. Glick, the old woman who gives Bart a quarter for weeding her monstrous garden in 'Three Men and a Comic Book'
Maggie in 'Lisa's First Word,' and herself, refusing to appear on Krusty's comeback special, in 'Krusty Gets Kancelled'
Himself, as the 'special celebrity dad' brought in to replace a boy's dead father on a father-son rafting trip, in 'Boy-Scoutz in the Hood.'
The nameless, (presumably Russian) ballet teacher in 'Homer Vs. Patty and Selma,' and herself, in 'Bart Has Two Mommies'
Jessica Lovejoy, the seemingly innocent reverend's daughter who turns out to be a sociopath in 'Bart's Girlfriend'
Dr. Zweig, Marge's therapist (also known as 'Lowenstein') in 'Fear of Flying'
Frank Ormand, the franchise salesman who convinces Marge to buy one of his pretzel carts, in 'The Twisted World of Marge Simpson'
Role (on the Simpsons)ActorOscar Winning Film(s)
Renee, the woman who inexplicably is willing to date Moe (who attempts insurance fraud so he can romance her in style), in 'Dumbbell Indemnity'
Herself, who (alongside her then-real-life-husband) hires Homer as a personal assistant, in 'When You Dish Upon a Star'
Jim Hope, the 'teacher' who really works for the company that creates the Funzo toy in 'Grift of the Maji'
Greta Wolfcastle, the daughter of Rainier, who dates Bart and then falls for Milhouse in 'The Bart Wants What It Wants.'
Sara Sloane, a famous actress who has a whirlwind romance with Ned Flanders in 'A Star is Born Again'
Melanie Upfoot, the politically correct principal who teaches the girls when Springfield Elementary is divided by gender in 'Girls Just Want To Have Sums'
Maggie (different actress this time), in the season 20 episode, 'Four Great Women and a Manicure'
Himself, as the face on a bottle of salad dressing

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