Why Quagmire Hates Brian

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Can you name the reasons why Quagmire hates Brian?

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Okay, I'll2
You are the 4
You constantly hit on4
The man pays for2
and rescued you from 2
and this is how 3
And to add3
you defecate 4
And you're 3
You pay 2
You always say, 'Oh, 4
but 'later' 2
And what really2
is you pretend you're this 2
who loves women for 2
when all you do is2
Yeah, I date women 3
but at least I'm 3
I don't buy them a copy of 4
and then lecture them with 3
interpretation of how 2
is some profound1
He wasn't! He was a 2
And that's why you 4
he's you! God, you're 1
And you delude yourself by thinking4
even though2
Start of LineEnd of LineNumber of Words
You know, I 3
Cheryl Tiegs didn't 4
She would have known3
in the word 1
And I think what 5
is your textbook 2
how we should 3
how big business is 3
how homelessness is the4
Well, what have you 3
I work down at the3
Never seen you 2
You wanna help? 3
And by the way, 3
doesn't make you 2
Oh, wait! You don't 4
or any religion 3
because 'religion is 2
Well, who the hell are you to4
You failed 2
which isn't nearly as bad as 5
How's that son of yours 3
But you know what? I could 4
all of it, if you 4
That's the 4
You're just a 4
Well, see ya, Brian! 5

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