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to commit to memory; learn by heart
the act of making false
private; secretive
when someone's identity is concealed
an object or ceremony honoring the memory of a person or event
the beginning or origin of something
the make one's way over or through; to steer or manage; to operate or control the course of
to identify using previous knowledge
an account of a person's or family's ancestry
enormously large or great; relating to astronimy
the act or process of creating something; the average time between the birth of a parent and thier offspring (about 30 years)
a fictitious (made up) name.
your favorite teacher
one without faith or belief
a note or series of notes added to a signed letter
important information impressed, painted, engraved, or written on a hard surface
the act or process of knowing or understanding
to provide a clear guide, direction, or rule of action
a star-shaped symbol used to indicate a footnote or draw attention to text
a docking area for small boats
of or relating to the sea; of shipping via the sea
to honor the memory of someone or something by observance or ceremony
the quality of being loyal or faithful
the study of how the positions and aspects of stars and planets influence human and world events
a false or mistaken idea

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