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# and InitialsCardType
DLD-001 GTEODMonster/Effect
DLD-002 CTSMMonster/Effect
DLD-003 CDMonster/Effect
DLD-004 TTMonster/Effect
DLD-005 GMGMonster/Effect
DLD-006 CIMonster/Effect
DLD-007 GAFMonster/Effect
DLD-008 MVFMonster/Effect
DLD-009 SWMonster/Effect
DLD-010 GEMonster
DLD-011 BTMWMonster/Effect
DLD-012 BSMonster/Tuner
DLD-013 JSMonster/Tuner
DLD-014 FRMonster/Tuner
DLD-015 JFMonster/Tuner
DLD-016 MMonster/Effect
DLD-017 NAMonster/Effect
DLD-018 MWMonster/Effect
DLD-019 JODDMonster/Effect
DLD-020 DHNormal Spell
DLD-021 GTNormal Spell
DLD-022 MRNormal Spell
DLD-023 SCNormal Spell
DLD-024 SORLNormal Spell
DLD-025 TTTDNormal Spell
DLD-026 DSEquip Spell
DLD-027 ECQuick-Play Spell
DLD-028 MSTQuick-Play Spell
# and InitialsCardType
DLD-029 MSTQuick-Play Spell
DLD-030 BTHNormal Trap
DLD-031 DTNormal Trap
DLD-032 DTNormal Trap
DLD-033 MCNormal Trap
DLD-034 MCNormal Trap
DLD-035 MFNormal Trap
DLD-036 SISNormal Trap
DLD-037 COTHContinuous Trap
DLD-038 TTContinuous Trap
DLD-039 DBCounter Trap
DLD-040 DWCounter Trap
Extra DeckAOJDA 10*s Machine
Extra DeckAOJFM 9*s Machine
Extra DeckAOJC 5*s Machine
Extra DeckRDA 8*s Dragon
Extra DeckSD 8*s Dragon
Extra DeckJD 8*s Warrior
Extra DeckJA 7*s Warrior
Extra DeckJW 5*s Warrior
Extra DeckBDOTIB 6*s Sea Serpent
Extra DeckNB 6*s Dragon
Extra DeckSA 7*s Fiend
Extra DeckMVTL 7*s Thunder
Extra DeckPL 7*s Psychic
Extra DeckGKTFOE 6*s Warrior
Extra DeckAA 4*s Machine

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