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Forced Order
The electricity consumption of Mongolia in 2010 was 11 _joules.
The charge on one electron is 160 _coulombs.
The world's smallest reptiles are just 16 _metres long.
The Hiroshima atomic bomb released 63 _joules.
The force required to break a hydrogen bond is 4 _newtons.
Light in a vacuum will take 3.34 _seconds to travel one metre.
The mass of a neutron is 1.67 _grams.
A DVD-R can hold 4.7 _bytes.
The Big Bang occurred 0.43 _seconds ago.
A litre of water weighs 1 _gram.
The area of a uranium nucleus is 100 square _metres.
Humans can detect electrical currents as low as 1 _amp.
Earth's atmosphere weighs 5.1 _grams.
The shortest measured period of time is 12 _seconds.
In 2012 a consumer-level digital camera will take a picture at roughly 10 _pixels.
The total output of the Sun is 385 _watts.

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