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Can you name the Some of the Most Hated Athletes?

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Sport (Team)Player NameWhy They Are Hated
Hockey (Red Wings)He Broke A Guy's Neck And Only Got A One Year Suspension
Basketball (Lakers)He Ran In The Stands Punching People
Football (Vikings)To Retire Or Not Retire That Is The Question
Hockey (Rangers)He is a thug and if you are a hockey fan you don't like him
Golf (USA)He Gets Too Much Exercise Off The Course
Football (Eagles)He Doesnt Like Dogs
Basketball (Heat)He Crowned Himself With 6 Less Rings Than MJ
Basketball (Wizards) He Pulls Guns on His Teammates
Basketball (Lakers)He Has Won Too Much (Also Cheated On His Wife And Bought Her A Big Rock To Keep Her)
Sport (Team)Player NameWhy They Are Hated
Baseball (Yankees)Steroids Got Him 600 Home Runs
Football (Broncos)Jesus Loves Him More Than You
Football (Bengals)His Claim Of HOF 20??
Football (Bengals)His Mouth That He Tried To Fill With Popcorn
Cycling (USA)He Doped And Let Down Lots Of Fans/Followers
Football (Patriots)He's A Pretty Boy That's Basically Bellichick's Dog
Hockey (Penguins)He Cries A Lot
Hockey (Capitals)He Parties Too Hard To Play Well In The Playoffs
Football (Steelers)He Only Got A 4-6 Game Suspension Even Though He Obviously Was Guilty

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