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Sport (Team)Player NameWhy They Are Hated
Football (Bengals)His Mouth That He Tried To Fill With Popcorn
Basketball (Lakers)He Has Won Too Much (Also Cheated On His Wife And Bought Her A Big Rock To Keep Her)
Baseball (Yankees)Steroids Got Him 600 Home Runs
Hockey (Penguins)He Cries A Lot
Hockey (Capitals)He Parties Too Hard To Play Well In The Playoffs
Basketball (Heat)He Crowned Himself With 6 Less Rings Than MJ
Football (Broncos)Jesus Loves Him More Than You
Football (Vikings)To Retire Or Not Retire That Is The Question
Hockey (Rangers)He is a thug and if you are a hockey fan you don't like him
Sport (Team)Player NameWhy They Are Hated
Basketball (Lakers)He Ran In The Stands Punching People
Football (Patriots)He's A Pretty Boy That's Basically Bellichick's Dog
Golf (USA)He Gets Too Much Exercise Off The Course
Football (Eagles)He Doesnt Like Dogs
Hockey (Red Wings)He Broke A Guy's Neck And Only Got A One Year Suspension
Basketball (Wizards) He Pulls Guns on His Teammates
Football (Steelers)He Only Got A 4-6 Game Suspension Even Though He Obviously Was Guilty
Football (Bengals)His Claim Of HOF 20??
Cycling (USA)He Doped And Let Down Lots Of Fans/Followers

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