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QuestionFact from The Firm
What kind of truck did Mitch rent to transfer the files?
What kind of car and what color did Mitch receive?
Who helped Mitch, Abby and Ray escape from the FBI and The Firm's spies?
Where did The Firm have its condos?
Who helps McDeere get most of the files?
What is the name of the Firm?
How much money did McDeere ask in exchange for The Firm's files?
Who was Mitch the closest with at The Firm?
What is Abbys occupation?
QuestionFact from The Firm
How would you rate Mitch McDeere's intelligence?
What floor is McDeere's office in?
Where is The Firm located?
Where did Mitch graduate from?
Who aproaches Mc.Deere for the first time during dinner and who does he work for?
What does Mitch really want to be?
How many kids did Mitch and Abby have?
What happened to the first and only female that worked at The Firm?
How did Kozinski and Hodge die?

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