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What did Pheobe find inside a soda can?Season 1
Why does Ross end up in the Emergency Room after Joey and Chandler take him to watch the Rangers game?Season 1
What is the name of the girlfriend Ross meets in China?Season 1
What did Joey and Chandler get Pheobe for Christmas when they were short of cash?Season 1
What question did Ross ask in response to hearing Rachel say 'I'm over you'?Season 2
What was the name of Rachel's boyfriend who had a uncanny resemblence to Ross?Season 2
What did Eddie accuse Chandler of killing shortly before moving out?Season 2
What everyday household appliance did Joey oddly have installed in the bathroom of his new apartment?Season 2
What type of bed was delivered to Monica's apartment by mistake?Season 3
What technique does Ross try to teach Chandler to help him get more space in bed with Janice?Season 3
What does Joey write in the snow when the car breaks down on the way to their ski trip?Season 3
Where does Pete take Monica for pizza on their first date?Season 3
What incident at the beach do Monica, Chandler, and Joey swear never to talk about again?Season 4
What sport does Ross play to impress Emily?Season 4
After Ross asks him to be best man, how does Joey lose the wedding ring?Season 4
Who was Monica mistaken for by a drunk guest at Ross' wedding in London?Season 4
What do Ross and Joey build out of cardboard boxes in their apartment?Season 5
Who/What does Joey try to save when a car backfires during their police ride along?Season 5
What name is Chandler labelled with when he is not allowed to join in ball game with Joey, Ross, and Monica?Season 5
When Monica and Chandler decide they want to get married in Vegas, what does Chandler use as their 'something old' from his wallet?Season 5

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