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Can you name the songs whose lyrics mention a time of day?

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TimeSongArtist / Lyrics
12:01 AMEric Clapton - '(Song title) we're going to let it all hang down.'
1:15 AMLady Antebellum - 'It's quarter after one, I'm a little drunk.'
2:00 AMThe Offspring - 'I wait til two then I turn out the lights.'
3:00 AMPaul McCartney - 'Three o'clock in the morning, I'm getting ready for bed.'
4:30 AMWeird Al - 'Four-thirty in the morning I'm milking cows.'
5:00 AMThe Beatles - 'Wednesday morning at five o'clock as the day begins.'
6:00 AMSnoop Dogg - 'They ain't leavin' til six in the morning.'
7:00 AMRebecca Black - 'Seven AM waking up in the morning.'
8:15 AMBTO - 'Take the eight-fifteen into the city.'
9:00 AMSheena Easton - 'He works from (Song title) and then.'
10:00 AMThe Black Keys - 'You've got pains like an addict, (Song title).'
11:55 AMBrad Paisley - 'Just before noon I passed a girl wearing your old perfume.'
TimeSongArtist / Lyrics
12:00 PMU2 - 'Told her I'd be back by noon.'
1:00 PMGenisis - 'It's one o'clock and time for lunch.'
2:10 PMSam Cooke - 'Let two-ten train ease my (Song title).'
3:00 PMThe Rolling Stones - 'Salty tears, it's three in the afternoon.'
4:30 PMThe Monkees - 'You can be be here by four thirty.'
5:30 PMThe Kinks - 'And he comes back home at five-thirty.'
6:30 PMBilly Paul - 'Six-thirty, I know she'll be there.'
7:00 PMSimon and Garfunkel - 'That's the seven o'clock edition of the news.'
8:00 PMRufus Wainwright - '(Song title) was ok before the toast full of gleams.'
9:00 PMPanic! At the Disco - 'It's (Song title) and your eyes are the size of the moon.'
10:00PMCheap Trick - '(Song title) it's a Saturday night.'
11:00 PMLed Zeppelin - 'I've been working from seven to eleven every night'

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