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LyricSong TitleExtra Clues
You've got your shades shut tight but you've left the door wide open...
Living in these pictures,it never comes with ease...
Waiting for release,I miss the sound of you laughing...
They all deserve to die...
I'm exactly where I want to be,don't you take that from me..Bonus
Something more than a lock without its key,cause that was me...
Hypocrisy has really aged you well,the white on your nose is your secret to tell
In your defense you've done no wrong & lived life in innocence...
LyricSong TitleExtra Clues
This is not my strongest point,that she knows...
The self deprication of what you've put your faith in has brought you to your knees...
Have faith and believe in this lie with us all...
You can write the perfect setting,but the story I'm not buying
He's the one unfaithful,telling me I'm faithlessBonus
Won't you get on your knees?
I was born to make you cry...Bonus

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