The 2000s: One-Hit Wonders in Sports

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2000: PGA Championship (Player)
2001: Daytona 500 (Player)
2001: Heavyweight Title (Player)
2001: St-Louis Cardinals (Player)
2002: Montreal Canadiens (Player)
2002: World Cup (Team)
2003: World Series (Team)
2002: Ohio State Buckeyes (Player)
2003: U.S. Women's Open (Player)
2003-2004: Stanley Cup (Team)
2004: French Open (Player)
2004: UEFA Championship (Team)
2005: Kentucky Derby (Horse)
2005: Yankees Pitcher (Player)
2005: NBA Playoffs (Player)
2005-06: NBA Playoffs (Team)
2005-06: San Jose Sharks (Player)
2005-06: NHL Playoffs (Team)
2006: NCAA Tournament (Team)
2006-07: NBA Playoffs (Team)
2007: Cleveland Browns (Player)
2008: Super Bowl XLII (Player)

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