U.S. Supreme Court Sculpted Law-givers

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Can you name the famous law-givers sculpted in the friezes of the supreme court buliding?

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LifespanHistoric Law-Giver*Nation from
3100 BCAncient Egypt
2250 BCAncient Egypt (Hebrew)
1792-1750 BCBablyon
992-953 BCIsrael
800s BCSparta
638-559 BCAthens
late 600s BCAthens
551-479 BCChina (Zhou Dynasty)
63 BC-14 ADRoman Republic/Empire
LifespanHistoric Law-Giver*Nation from
483-565Byzantine Empire
742-814Frankish Kingdom/Holy Roman Empire
1583-1645Dutch Republic
1723-1780United Kingdom
1755-1835United States

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