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Can you name the united states territores of the past and present ?

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YearsTerritoryHow United States got it
1787-1803Annexed after American Revolution
1790-1796Annexed after American Revolution
1798-1817Annexed after American Revolution
1800-1816Annexed after American Revolution
1804-1812Louisiana Purchase
1805-1837Annexed after American Revolution
1805-1812Louisiana Purchase
1809-1818Annexed after American Revolution
1812-1821Louisiana Purchase
1817-1819Louisiana Purchase
1819-1836Louisiana Purchase
1822-1845Florida Purchase
1836-1848Louisiana Purchase
1838-1846Louisiana Purchase
1848-1859Oregon Country
1849-1858Louisiana Purchase
1850-1912Mexican Cession
1850-1896Mexican Cession
1853-1889Oregon Country
1854-1861Louisiana Purchase
1854-1867Louisiana Purchase
1856-presentGuano Islands Act
1857-presentGuano Islands Act
1857-presentGuano Islands Act
1857-presentGuano Islands Act
1857-presentGuano Islands Act
1859-presentGuano Islands Act
YearsTerritoryHow United States got it
1861-1876Louisiana Purchase & Mexican Cession
1861-1864Mexican Cession
1861-1889Louisiana Purchase
1863-1912Mexican Cession
1863-1890Oregon Country
1864-1889Oregon Country
1867-presentGuano Islands Act
1867-1959Alaska Purchase
1868-1890Oregon Country & Louisiana Purchase & Mexican Cession
1889-1907Louisiana Purchase
1898-1959Annexation of Hawaii
1898-1902Annexed after Spanish American War
1898-1952Annexed after Spanish American War
1898-1946Annexed after Spanish American War
1898-presentAnnexed after Spanish American War
1899-presentTreaty of Berlin
1899-present Guano Islands Act
1917-present Virgin Islands Purchase
1922-presentGuano Islands Act
1945-1968Trust Territories of the Pacific
1947-1978Trust Territories of the Pacific
1947-1986Trust Territories of the Pacific
1947-1986Trust Territories of the Pacific
1947-1994Trust Territories of the Pacific
1952-1975Trust Territories of the Pacific

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