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Can you name the countries where these people who claimed to be jesus came from?

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PersonCountryFamous For
José Luis de Jesús MirandaJesus became part of him in 2007
Ariffin MohammedClaimed to be incarte of Shiva, Buddha and Mohammad as well.
John Nichols Thom (Mad Tom)Died during the last battle on English soil
Ernest NormanWho else would claim to be both Jesus and the Mona Lisa
Hogen FukunagaClaimed he could diagonsis people after looking at their feet.
David ShaylerFormer M15 agent claimed to be Jesus in several youtube videos.
Bahá'u'lláhFounder of Baha'i
Shoko AsaharaFounder of Aum Shinrikyo the people who carried out the Sarrin Gas Attacks
Sun Myung Moon Founder of Unification Church
Inri CristoAccording to him Brasília is the New Jerusalem
Haile Selassie IRastafarism says he is Jesus
Arnold PotterLDS leader died trying to ascend to heaven by jumping off a cliff
PersonCountryFamous For
Krishna VentaLed a convoy of rocket ships to Earth from Neophrates
Laszlo Toth Claimed he was Jesus as he vandalized Michelangelo's Pieta with a geologist hammer
Jim JonesFounder of People's Temple died during mass sucide in JonesTown, Guyana
David KoreshLeader of Branch Davidans, died during Waco Siege
Yahweh ben YahwehFounder of Nation of Yahweh
Sergei ToropHes Jesus not God but he is the Word of God
Mitsuo MatayoshiHe will do the last judgement threw the current politcal system.
Mirza Ghulam AhmadFounded the Ahmadiyya Movement
Marina TsvigunHer husband Yuri is John the Baptist.
William W. DaviesLDS leader founder of Kingdom of Heaven
Ahn Sahng-HongFounder World Mission Society Church of God

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