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Can you name the states based off the shared state animal symbols?

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SymbolStatesType(s) of State Symbol
American AlligatorReptile
American GoldfinchBird
American RobinBird
Black BearAnimal, Mammal
Black-capped ChickadeeBird
Bluebird (Eastern/Mountain)Bird
Bobwhite QuailGame Bird
Box Turtle (Eastern/Ornate)Reptile
Buffalo/BisonAnimal, Mammal
California QuailBird
Desert TortoiseReptile
Gray SquirrelMammal, Wild Game Animal
Green Tree FrogAmphiban
Grizzly BearAnimal, Mammal
HoneybeeAgricultural insect, Insect
Horny ToadReptile
SymbolStatesType(s) of State Symbol
LadybugBug, Insect
Mammoth (Colombian/Woolly)Fossil
Meixcan Free-tailed BatFlying Mammal
Monarch ButterflyButterfly, Insect
MooseAnimal, Land Mammal
Morgan Horse Animal, Horse
Northern CardinalBird
Northern Mockingbird Bird
Painted Turtle Reptile
RaccoonFurbearer Animal, Wild Animal
Right WhaleMarine Mammal
Tiger Swallowtail ButterflyButterfly, Insect
Western MeadowlarkBird
White-tailed DeerAnimal, Game Animal, Land Animal, Mammal,Wild Animal
Wild TurkeyGame Bird, Wild Bird

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