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Can you name the only country these modern extinct animals where only native to?

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Extinct AnimalCountryExtinction Date
Arabian Gazelle1825
Atitlan Grebe1987
Bali TigerSeptember 27, 1937
Black Mamo1907
Boschmai's Fire Coral1982
Carosse Tortoise1795
Darwin's Galápagos Mouse1930s
Golden Toad1989
Ivell’s Sea Anemone1983
Kangaroo Island Emu1827
Madeiran Large White1990s
Pyrenean Ibex2000; cloned born in 2009 but died later
QuaggaAugust 12, 1883
Red GazelleBefore 1894
Reunion Sacred Ibis1700s
Roque Chico de Salmor Giant Lizard1940
Santo Stefano Lizard1965
Schomburgk's Deer1938
Southern Day Frog1979
Steller's Sea Cow*1768
Tanna Ground Dove1774
Tecopa Pupfish1950s
Torre's Cave Rat1500s
Wondiwoi Tree-kangaroo1928
Zanzibar Leopard 1995

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