Extinct or Alive?

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Can you name the whether the animal species/subspecies is alive or extinct?

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AnimalExtinct or Alive? (E or A)
Bombardier Beetle
Zebra Waxbill
Pinta Island Tortoise
Golden Toad
Culebra Island Giant Anole
Screaming Hairy Armadillo
Pig-footed Bandicoot
Emperor Gum Moth
Burchell's Zebra
Waitaha Penguin
Antiguan Racer
Passenger Pigeon
Malabar Civet
Chinese Crocodile
Tasmanian Tiger
Arcuate Pearly Mussel
Imperial Woodpecker
Syrian Wild Ass
Yellow-spotted River Turtle
Rodrigues Day Gecko
Caspian Seal
St. Helena Earwing
AnimalExtinct or Alive? (E or A)
Xecres Blue Butterfly
White Worm Lizard
Barbary Lion
Pyrenean Ibex
Israel Painted Frog
Vampire Squid
Pacific Black Duck
Haast's Eagle
Carolina Parakeet
Bulldog Rat
Queen Alexandra's Birdwing
Dusky Seaside Sparrow
Western Black Rhinoceros
Fishing Cat
Coconut Octopus
Ezo Wolf
Elephant Bird
Kting Voar
King Island Emu
Nyika Rock Rat
Wyoming Toad
Tasmanian Devil

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