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Can you name the animals based off the hint relating to money/economy?

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This pet of Harry Potter help J. K. Rowling become the world's first billionaire author.
This white heron help keep humanity's 1.3 billion cows healthy by eating their ticks and flys.
In 2012 Disneynature released a film about this great ape grossing 28 million.
Along with geysers this bovine helps bring 2 millions visitors to Yellowstone every year.
This rodent helps spread around brazil nuts 20,000 tons produced each year in South America.
Coffee beans that pass through this mammal digestive tract are worth $600 per pound.
This Kung Fu fighting ursidae grossed at the box office 631 million.
This predatory bird is often used to prevent bird strikes* that cause $1.2 billion in damage every year.
This insect helps Ukraine produce 60,502 metric tons of honey each year.
The largest pearl in the world, Pearl of Lao Tzu, worth 93 million and weighs 14 ibs (6.4 kg)
Fishermen put a snare around this bird to prevent them from eating the fish they caught.
Pepperidge Farms turned this pet fish into a snack with a first television ad in 1977.
From Naughty Dog this marsupial has sold 50 million video games since 1996.
This personal tiny animal helped Hasbro gross 4.29 billion in 2011.
An ice age survivor this animal wool produces scarfs worth 300 dollars.
This animal's breed the Wagyu produces meat that cost $50 per 150 grams.
This friend with a hound dog helped Disney make 63 million back in 1981.
The Great Barrier Reef was created by this animal giving local tourism 1 billion each year.
This bird helped a geographical fast food restaurant gross over 520 million in 2007.
This flying bloodsucker helped OFF! make products from insect repellent lotion to towelettes.

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