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Can you name the Answers to the questions concerning the Television Character Homer Simpson?

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Homers Current Long-Term Job
Where Homer Works
The Youngest of his children
A Lifelong friend of Homer Simpson
Homers Cruel Boss
The Preferred Beer Brand of Homer Simpson
A Place where you may find a Tipsy Homer
Homers Middle Name
The Color of his hair before the balding began
Homers Half Sibling
Homers Alter-ego Superhero who uses baked goods as his weapon of choice
The Singing Quartet featuring Barney, Homer...
The Sector where Homer Works
Homer often 'Borrows' various items from this man
Homers Security Agency
This Sport is his Hobby
His Religion
Why You Little...! Referring to...
Homers Snowplowing Business is known as...
Homer once changed his name to...?
The early 90's Grunge band formed by Homer
Name one of Homers Jobs beginning with 'B'
Homer almost had an affair with this co-worker at the Power Plant
What is his Blood type?
In the year 2013 Homer Uses the family Savings to buy what?
Homer Mispronounces Jesus' Name by Calling Him _____
What Year was Homer Born
Homers Grandfather
What was the Name of Homers Vegas Wife?

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