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HintCharacterFun Facts the main character to whom Sheldon's sister, Missy, is attracted.
...dated Joyce Kim, a suspected North Korean spy.
...has a gynocologist for a father.
...lives with his mother. afraid of birds, particularly chickens and hummingbirds. the only main female character to have not worked at The Cheesecake Factory. 'short and stacked' like Howard's mother.
...tries to learn Physics from Sheldon. intentionally bad dating advice to Stuart.
...dissects a cow brain.
...trains to be an astronaut.
...prepares a Thai dish at the North Pole.
...wants to be reborn as a well-[endowed] billionaire with wings.
HintCharacterFun Facts
...has a psychologist for a mother.
...gave Sheldon a napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy.
...has an unusually firm cervix.
...wants to set an example by flogging a few senior citizens who can't master technology.
...has a PhD in microbiology.
...has crossed light sabers above his headboard. an honorary graduate of Starfleet Academy.
...makes Sheldon a couple of virgin Cuba Libres that were 'a little slutty'. allergic to peanuts.
...can play the cello.
...tries to kill 'Star Wars' game characters by pointing a finger at the monitor and making blaster sounds. a Sagittarius.

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