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HintLetterFun Facts
Josh Brolin from 'Men in Black 3'
Time abbreviation for 1/60th of a minute
Team of Hannibal, Face, B.A., and Murdock
Magazine founded by Ms. Winfrey
Second note in a C major chord
SI unit for energy or work
Repeated letter in 'La Grange' rock/blues band name
2009 TV series remake starring Morena Baccarin
In a rectangle, A = _ x W
First initial of the 'Get More' mobile network carrier
007 franchise codename for the head of MI6
NYSE ticker symbol of the 'Music Genome Project' company
Letter on Brigham Young University's football helmet logo
HintLetterFun Facts
Line of Casio wristwatches: _-Shock
Bingo numbers 1-15
Ascorbic acid is a form of this vitamin
First letter of most US media station callsigns east of the Mississippi River
Chemical symbol for iodine
Battery type 1.3 inches in diameter and 2.4 inches long
Musical abbreviation to play at full volume
Usually 'up' on a map
The onmipotent charater(s) from Star Trek: TNG
10 to an ancient Roman
Nickname for morphine-based opiates
UN Secretary General 1961-1971
US military designator for a reconnaissance aircraft

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