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Can you name the countries in the Harry Potter series?

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Middle East country that uses flying carpets over brooms
Vernon Dursley told a joke about golfers from here
Home of the Ballycastle Bats
Location of Beauxbatons
Professor Binns mentions an island of this country
Where the Crumple-Horned Snorkack is 'from'
Home of Viktor Krum
Eurasian country with a Quidditch team
Gilderoy Lockhart claimed to have saved a village from a werewolf
Where the Weasley family goes on vacation
Where the Grangers went after their memories were altered
The team Braga Broomfleet are from here
Home of the Lethifold
Did not attend the first International Confederation of Wizards
Location of the Salem Witches Institute
Home of the Tebo
Where Severus Snape said Kappas are from
Beat Scotland in the Quidditch World Cup playoffs
Where the dragon that Fleur Delacour fought is from
Home of the Erkling
Where the Chomping Cabbage is from
Where the Pogrebin is from
Where the Horntail dragon is from
Their Quidditch team reached the quarter finals recently
Where Instant Darkness Powder is from
Where Runespoor are from
Ladislaw Zamojski is the best chaser from this country
Where Mullet, Moran and Troy are from
Where the Ironbelly dragon is from
Where the chappie who sold Fluffy to Hagrid was from
Asian country that prefers flying carpets to brooms
Sumbawanga Sunrays home
Where Mad-eye Moody almost sent the Advance Guard
Home of the Tchamba Charmers
Home country of the Occamy
Where Norbert is from
Location of Diagon Alley
Bill had a pen-friend from here
Habitat of the Fire Crab
Have the Moose Jaw Meteorites team
Bartemius Crouch Sr. mentions their Minister for Magic
Where Charlie Weasley worked
Beat Wales in the Quidditch World Cup playoffs
Hagrid mentions having a disagreement with a vampire in its capital city
Moutohora Macaws Quidditch team is from here
Location of Hogsmeade
Has the Quidditch team the Gimbi Giant-Slayers
Where Bertha Jorkins died

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