MST3K - Who said it, Crow or Servo?

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Can you name the MST3K robot who said the following line (Type 'Crow' or 'Servo')?

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'Mittens'? His name's 'Mittens'?
How does he expect Tibby to signal him, light up a flare?
Joel, can I be mummified and burried next to Stalin?
Have a drink on me, tattoo.
Is it that I often panick when I make sandwiches?
I'll have to smash your kneecaps if you bastards touch my car.
He's the clown that makes the dark side funny. Torgo!
I'm the wind, baby!
Joel, I think we've already spent more time examining this plot than the writers ever did.
You're not my real father!
I think this is movie D. D for 'dumb'.
You know, guys? It just dawned on me how... how weird this film is, you know? It's kind of goofy.
Goodness glacier, that's a cold planet!
I'll give you scrolls, and fish, and tinkertoys and wine.
We're from the padding department. Where's the plot hole?
So, that's when I got into commemorative spoon collecting. You?
I'm a disgrace to my uniform!
It's like having Joe Cocker as your bellhop.
Camaro: The official car of 'peaked in high school'.
Little winged potatoes...

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