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Updated Aug 21, 2012

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Clue4-Letter Word
A pyriform green or brown fruit
Polar, grizzly, e.g.
The most basic part of any song; rhythm
Animal tissue taken as food, such as steak
A wide trench surrounding a castle, usually filled with water
To cast off an outer layer periodically, such as skin or a shell
You might find this on your bread if you let it sit too long
An attitude or emotion
The rigid material that composes the trunks of trees
A clothing material made from animal hair that is notoriously itchy
Moderately cold; lacking in warmth
A long hooded cloak common to monks and evildoers
A bird of any kind
Being odorous and impure
Precedes five
Characterized by a taste sensation primarily caused by acids
In music, you play all notes under this mark without separation
To make cloudy or obscure
A color whose hue is that of a clear sky
Surly or depressed
An oval fruit also used commonly as a color

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