US Presidents and Seattle

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Can you name the these downtown Seattle streets that correspond to the presidential clues?

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The third U.S. President (last name)
The fourth U.S. President (first name)
There is a legend of the first U.S. President resident cutting down this kind of tree
The current U.S. President resides in this District, located between Maryland and Virginia
President Harding's hometown was this city in Ohio
The fourth U.S. President (last name)
John F. Kennedy was born in this season
President Adams signed the Treaty of Big Tree with this tribe of native americans in 1797
Nine U.S. Presidents did not attend this educational institution prior to holding office
President Lincoln supported this side of the Civil War
The Evergreen State, named for the first US President, is known for being the home to this type of evergreen tree
This famous fish market in Seattle has been named one of Obamas top 100 renovation projects in america

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