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IdiomMissing WordDescription
New York _____Seeming to go by very quickly
_____ CannonSomeone who is unpredictable
Long in the _____Old people (or horses)
An axe to _____To have a dispute with someone
_____ your fingersTo hope that something happens the way you want it to
___ days of summerThe hottest days of the summer season
_____ advocateSomeone who takes a position for the sake of argument
_____ in the panSomething that shows potential but ultimately fails
IdiomMissing WordDescription
Get down to _____ tacksTo become serious about something
Get your _____ papersGet fired from a job
Hold your _____Be patient
Lend me your ___To politely ask for someone's full attention
Off the _____Something said in confidence
Over my ____ bodyWhen you absolutely will not allow something to happen
Peeping ___Someone who observes people in the nude
Out of the ____Something that suddenly and unexpectedly occurs

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