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Can you name the animal by its binomial nomenclature?

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Binomial nomenclatureanimal
ursus maritimus
orycteropus afer
melopsittacus undulates
narceus americanus
vicugna pacos
macropus rufus
electrophorus electricus
dermochelys coriacea
equus africanus asinus
rattus rattus
bufo bufo
puffinus puffinus
bison bison
ailuropoda melanoleuca
dasyatis thetidis
pongo pygmaeus
bos primigenius indicus
puma concolor
chamaeleo chamaeleon
panthera onca
equus ferus caballus
eulemur fulvus
physeter macrocephalus
paralithodes camtschaticus
Binomial nomenclatureanimal
marmota monax
gallus gallus domesticuss
apis mellifera
anas platyrhynchos
acinonyx jubatus
diceros bicornis
procyon lotor
crocodylus niloticus
betta splendens
phacochoerus africanus
hippocampinae hippocampus
odobenus rosmarus
giraffa camelopardalis
troglodytes troglodytes
haliaeetus leucocephalus
rhincodon typus
melus melus
bubo bubo
ursus americanus
gazelle ory
fratercula arctica
vulpus vulpus
oncorhynchus nerka
natrix natrix
canis lupus

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