Ocarina of Time Characters/Races

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Can you name the characters and races in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?

Featured Apr 6, 2010

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Pointy-Eared Hero
Leader of the Sages
King of the Gerudo
Annoying Fairy
Advice-Giving Ninja
Valiant Steed
Pathfinding Owl
Goddess of Power
Goddess of Courage
Goddess of Wisdom
Sage of Light
Sage of Forest
Sage of Fire
Sage of Water
Sage of Shadow
Sage of Spirit
Forest Deity
Aquatic Deity
Desert Deity
Scantily Clad Healers
Kokiri Bad-Boy
Hylian Gravekeeper
Hylian Salesman
Hylian Rancher
Hylian Rancher's Daughter
Hylian Mean Rancher
Enourmous Goron
Large Goron
Ruler of the Zora
Flying Enemy
Flying Enemy
Burning Flying Enemy
Freezing Flying Enemy
Flying Field Enemy
Pod Enemy
Spitting Enemy
Spitting Enemy
Jumping Spider Enemy
Fire-Breathing Enemy
Skull Enemy
Skeletal Enemy
Suprise Hanging Enemies
Collectible Enemy
Claw Game Enemy
Sword-Stopping Were-Enemies
Thieving Enemy
Huggable Enemy
Lantern-Wielding Enemies
Kokiri Emerald Boss
Goron Ruby Boss
Zora Sapphire Boss
Forest Temple Boss
Fire Temple Boss
Water Temple Boss
Shadow Temple Boss
Spirit Temple Boss
Final Boss

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