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Who's this?Name:Info:
Has a new job in each movie:
Mikaela's workshop dog:
Optimus Prime's second in command:
NEST Team leader and Major:
Destroys a whole SOCCENT base:
Knows how to fight against Decepticons but not how to use simple walkie-talkies:
The oldest member of the original Autobots:
Supposedly related to Ponce de Leon:
The only Transformer with a handicap:
Fights Sam in the trilogy's only man-on-man combat:
The only Decepticon not shown to have an alternate vehicle mode:
First human to communicate on equal terms with Megatron:
Kills both Jazz and Optimus:
Is going to rust:
Wears biker boots and carries a Decepticon in her purse:
His alternate mode is a Semi Truck:
Single-handedly kills a Decepticon in Shanghai:
Only mentioned by name once, by Ratchet:
Changes side from Decepticon to Autobot:
His father was the first wheel:
Nearly kills Bumblebee:
The only female Transformers:
The only Autobot whose alternate mode isn't a vehicle:
Bumblebee's subject of guarding:
Fails Megatron yet again... and again:
Betrays his Autobot brothers:
Nearly kills Mudflap:
Is a cheap-ass father:
Won't live with a phycotic alien in her garage:
His motto is 'to punish and enslave':

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