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Elaine's __ are considered bacteria traps by Puddy.
__'s velvet scrunchies drive Jerry (and Kramer) nuts.
Jerry was this close to sucking a __ down the carburetor.
George was 'caught' looking at this magazine.
Who wants to evict Kramer and Newman because of their peepholes?
George never actually saw this movie with Whitey Fisk.
What is the name of the produce shop owner that stands behind his fruit?
Elaine, while trying to get her Atomic Sub card back, bets on this horse.
Jerry stakes out a woman at her law firm. Name one of the law firm's members.
George thinks dental floss ruined his chances with a woman. Jerry, however, thinks it was the __ George was wearing
Jerry suggests that if Elaine wants to use this in the apartment, she should turn it on, then go shopping for a bit.
Because Kramer got a B in this, he thinks he knows everything about the properties of melting ice cream.
Who is the 'best in the business' when it comes to bra sales?
'First the sucking then the __.'
Jerry and Kramer's neighbor is in a coma. Kramer wants his __ back.
The fact that they moved the contestant interview in this show leads to a discussion between Jerry and George.
At what place of employment does George pretend to be handicapped?
Jerry's ATM pin code is __. (Superman's father on Krypton.)
Jerry is disturbed about this candy buying its own kind at the snack bar. Elaine explains that he is buying them for his Pepsi girlfriend.
Elaine's not-really-a-serial killer boyfriend's name is __.
Jerry says that the washing machine is the __ of clothes.
Elaine's fake relationship with a drug addict leads to an invention: The
What kind of shop is Elaine outside when she gets sprayed by a hose?
__ died after eating a lockbox key.
Poppie makes Jerry a succulent __.
The Maestro says that there's nothing available in __.
George is interviewing students for the Susan Ross Scholarship. He asks a student their favorite animal. Their response, __, is 'wrong.'
Where does Ruthie Coen work?
Elaine went to Mexico for ideas for the catalog. Jerry thinks she could have gotten the same ideas from staying home and opening a bag of __ and watching Viva Zapata.
Elaine's boyfriend Alan says she has a big head. What does he call George?
What song has Elaine's boyfriend entranced?
Jerry's comedian friend says that despite not participating in sports, you can get this.
The open-door __ policy during the finale has Jerry up in arms.
Jerry is uncomfortable around these kinds of people because he doesn't have one of his own.
When fishing for marble rye, Jerry says that the hook first offered would be better suited for what food?
Kramer says that when you eat this junk food, you practically have sex with it.
'You know a chef who doesn't wash is like a cop who __.'
What did Ray clean in Jerry's refrigerator that had Jerry so excited?
George yells this when the Hindenburg blows up.,
The 'breathtaking' baby's name.
When George is negotiating on the compensation for the show he and Jerry is writing, what actor does he keep mentioning when considering offers?
Jerry offends Elaine's Native American friend, __, with a cigar-store indian,
George likes these 'rolling writers' because 'they're very smooth.'
The car supposedly owned by Jon Voight was a __.
What is in the box that makes Elaine's subway ride uncomfortable?
In one episode, Elaine was late to a meal with George and Jerry, because she lost a __ and was crawling on her knees looking for it for 10 minutes.
Jerry says that there's something about a monster in a __.
Kramer doesn't know what a _ is, but he insists it's what will get Jerry a new stereo.
Jerry's air conditioner model.
The scofflaw's vehicle, driven by the cop's 'white whale'

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