New Television Shows of 2009-2010

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Can you name the New TV Shows of the '09-'10 season?

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Channel - HintName of ShowShow Times
ABC - An aquarium of great whites
ABC - Aliens invade Earth
ABC - 2004 film starring Julianne Moore
ABC - Azaria from 'The Simpsons'
ABC - Malcolm was sandwiched in here
ABC - Even newer than a nuclear one!
ABC - Older women after young men in a rural area.
ABC - The witches of...?
ABC - 'Lost' uses these. Not backward in time, but...
CBS - Converge not one, not two, but ____ waterways
CBS - You ever do something intentionally, but not really?
CBS - The second spin-off of JAG
Channel - HintName of ShowShow Times
CBS - Opposite of Bad Husband
CBS - Another name for a psychic. Also, not quite small, but not quite large.
FOX - Spin-off of 'Family Guy'
FOX - Opposite of Less to Hate.
FOX - Not quite sisters...
NBC - A concussion. Also known as head...
NBC - Talk show. 5 days a week!
NBC - It's the area you live in.
NBC - Losing? Plead this!
TheCW - Remake of a popular teen show.
TheCW - Opposite of Ugly Death.
TheCW - What happens when Edward Cullen writes down his personal thoughts?

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