Largest municipalities of the Netherlands

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Flevoland460,04 km^2
Drenthe341,49 km^2
Gelderland339,92 km^2
Drenthe337,23 km^2
Flevoland334,12 km^2
Gelderland318,25 km^2
Overijssel312,88 km^2
Drenthe296,66 km^2
Overijssel290,89 km^2
Gelderland283,59 km^2
Zeeland280,20 km^2
Drenthe278,75 km^2
Drenthe276,74 km^2
Drenthe275,19 km^2
Gelderland258,68 km^2
Zeeland251,40 km^2
Flevoland248,75 km^2
Flevoland232,74 km^2
Zeeland231,08 km^2
Friesland224,86 km^2
Drenthe224,80 km^2
Friesland224,16 km^2
Friesland221,53 km^2
Gelderland213,31 km^2
Overijssel213,03 km^2

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