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Location of Bioko Island
Major ports include Marseille and Toulon
Outlet of the North American Great Lakes
South of Kenai Peninsula
Borders Estonia and Latvia
Overlooked by Mount Vesuvius
Borders New England and Atlantic Canada
South of island of New Guinea
Outlet of Dneiper River
Location of Bahrain
Connected to the Kara Sea
Borders Mexican states of Oaxaca and Chiapas
Borders Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand
Connected to Lake Maracaibo
Borders El Salvador, Hoduras, and Nicaragua
Between Finland and Sweden
Major ports include Surat, Bharuch, and Daman
Outlet of Neva River
Major ports include Tianjin, Tangshan, and Yingkou
Between India and Sri Lanka
Borders Australian state of Queensland
Separates Peloponnese from mainland Greece
World's largest gulf
Connected to the Caribbean Sea by a canal
Connected to the Mediterranean Sea by a canal
Between Baffin Island and Canadian mainland
Coastline of Jordan
Borders Vietnam and China
Location of national park in Indian state of Gujarat
Outlet of Salween River
Also called the Sea of Cortes
Between Yemen and Somalia

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