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Forced Order
For which singer was Stay originally named?
Which U2 tour didn't visit the US?
Where did U2 record the Unforgettable Fire?
What is the Edge's real name?
U2's bass player was supposed to marry which supermodel in '93?
Who is U2's bass player?
Prior to 1980, which band's songs did U2 cover most frequently?
Which song did U2 perform most live?
What is U2's first album?
Who produced U2's Joshua Tree?
What is the first name of Bono's wife?
What is Bono's real name?
Which photographer did the artwork for the Joshua Tree?
What was U2's first single?
What were the B-sides to All I Want is You?
'Spanish Eyes' was a B-Side from which song?
Where was 'Live Under a Blood Red Sky' recorded?
Which U2 tour visited Sarajevo?
Which song was scratched from U2's setlist at Live Aid 1985?
Which venue did U2 play most live?
At which Berlin studio did U2 record Achtung Baby?
Name one of Bono's children
To whom is Angel of Harlem dedicated?
At which Dublin highschool did the bandmembers meet?
Which song is U2's top closing song?

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