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What is the capital of Kenya?
What is the last country to come in alphabetical order?
What is the largest island in the world?
Which country controls the answer to #3?
How many states begin with the letter 'B'
Where is Montevideo?
What is the former name of Myanmar?
What country was named Siam?
What continent is Brunei located?
What is the capital of Nepal?
What country sounds like food?
In which country did the movie 'Blackhawk Down' take place?
What country is closet to Antarctica?
What countries have disputes over Kashmir?
What is the capital of Morocco?
What Continent are the Canary Islands on?
True or False: There is a desert in Southern Africa?
Portland is the biggest city for which two states in the United States?
What city was Albert Einstein born?
How many countries are in Europe

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