Super Smash Bros. Hidden Character Matches

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Can you name the stages hidden characters are fought on in the SSB series?

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Character (Game)Stage
Mewtwo (SSBM)
Ganondorf (SSBB)
Dr. Mario (SSBM)
Young Link (SSBM)
Marth (SSBM)
Jigglypuff (SSBB)
Snake (SSBB)
Lucario (SSBB)
Falco (SSBB)
Luigi (SSBB)
Wolf (SSBB)
Roy (SSBM)
Sonic (SSBB)
Mr. Game & Watch (SSBB)
Marth (SSBB)
Character (Game)Stage
Luigi (SSB)
Luigi (SSBM)
Mr. Game & Watch (SSBM)
Jigglypuff (SSB)
Captain Falcon (SSBB)
Ganondorf (SSBM)
Captain Falcon (SSB)
Jigglypuff (SSBM)
Pichu (SSBM)
Toon Link (SSBB)
Ness (SSBB)
Ness (SSB)
Falco (SSBM)

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