Pokémon moves A-Z (Gens 1-5)

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Can you name the Pokémon moves A-Z (1st-5th gen)?

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A: A move that almost never fails to hit the target Pokémon
B: An attack that can steal any Berry the target Pokémon is holding
C: A multi-hit move
D: A move that deals fixed damage
E: The faster the user, the more powerful this move is
F: The user faints, and the target Pokémon takes damage equal to the user's current HP
G: The user restores half of the HP dealt to the target Pokémon
H: If the target Pokémon is inflicted with a status ailment, this move's power doubles
I: If the target Pokémon shares any moves with the user, it will be unable to use them
J: If the user misses, it takes damage equal to 1/2 of its maximum HP
K: A move that could not actually be learned by any Pokémon until Yellow
L: A weak attack that has a 30% chance of paralyzing the target
M: This move's power is determined randomly
N: A move that raises the user's Special Attack stat by two stages
O: An attack that has a 50% chance of lowering the opponent's Accuracy by one stage
P: An attack with a high critical-hit ratio that has a 10% chance of poisoning the target Pokémon
Q: A move with +1 Priority
R: The user charges for one turn, then unleashes an attack
S: A move that lowers the target Pokémon's Defense stat by two stages
T: The user of this move takes recoil damage equal to 1/4 of the damage dealt to the target Pokémon
U: After using this attack, the user gets switched out for another Pokémon in the Trainer's party
V: This move's power doubles if the target Pokémon is poisoned
W: After this move is used, Fire-type moves have their power reduced by 50% until the user faints or switches out
X: A Bug-type attack with no secondary effect
Y: On the turn after this move is used, the opponent falls asleep
Z: A powerful attack that has a 50% chance of paralyzing the opponent

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