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Can you name the the movies by their twist endings?

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Twist EndingMovieYear
Rosebud was the name of his sled.1941
It's made of people.1973
His neighbor really was a terrorist, and the bomb was already in his car.1999
It was corn syrup. And there were two killers.1996
The mathematician's friends are actually hallucinations.2001
He was his own final victim, and the cop's wife was the sixth.1995
The villagers sacrifice the cop.1973
He was on Earth the entire time.1968
Twist EndingMovieYear
He was faking his split personality for the trial.1996
Snape kills Dumbledore.2009
It was all just an elaborate game for his birthday present.1997
They've been interrogating the culprit this entire time.1995
The therapist is dead.1999
All of the characters are in the mind of a psychotic killer who is sitting in prison.2003
He was dreaming the whole time, while dying in the Vietnam War.1990

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