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LyricsSongOriginal Lyrics
'Women can have a flash of gold.' (1971)
'We see a woman.' (1987)
'Oh, where to go, as the day, rain? (1967)
'The blindness is dangerous.' (1991)
'Stop, hey, what is healthy? Everything you see what went on.' (1967)
'This mixture is hot at the moment, just from the kitchen.' (2002)
'I say a little prayer.' (1991)
'Exhibitions in the world in my image.' (1997)
'My son is a child.' (1982)
'Do not shoot.' (1989)
'Tom Information' (1969)
'What do they not feel at home, abroad?' (1965)
'Very satisfied with my name.' (1968)
LyricsSongOriginal Lyrics
'Today, our party as the 1999th' (1982)
'You do not need training.' (1979)
'Rangers like us, born women. Run' (1975)
'Kelly Home Alabama blue sky.' (1974)
'Chord as Puff Daddy.' (2009)
'We can not doubt that in mind.' (1969)
'This is just a very free at the age of puberty.' (1971)
'A good girl, love, mother of Jesus and the U.S.' (1989)
'Bloom's heart, a significant increase in the base.' (2000)
'Fountain Garden City, green grass and beautiful women' (1988)
'Note: When Mary, if the problem is to come.' (1970)
'So far, close to where it is. I think my mind.' (1997)

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