Aromatic Substitution with Benzene

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Can you name the Electrophillic Aromatic Substitution?

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Reagent and CatylistReaction TitleProduces
Bromine And Ferric BromideBromobenzene
Chlorine and Ferric ChlorideChlorobenzene
Iodine and Cuprous ChlorideIodobenzene
Nitric Acid and Sulfuric AcidNitrobenzene
Sulfur Trioxide and Sulfuric AcidBenzensulfonic Acid
An Alkyl Chloride and Aluminum TrichlorideAlkylbenzene (RPh)
An Aceyl Chloride and Aluminum TrichlorideAceylbenzene (PhCOR)
Oxygen and Acid CatylistPhenol
Alkyl Benzene and PermanganateBenzoic Acid (C6H5CO2H)

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