Harry Potter: Hogsmeade By Description

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Can you name the the different shops and places in Hogsmeade through their description?

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DescriptionShop or Place
Harry found out that Sirius was his Godfather in this establishment
There's no better place to send a letter, a gift or even a dreaded howler!
Where the Hogwarts Express arrives!
A secret passageways into Hogwarts exists beneath the cellar of this store.
A Store selling various quills, parchment and stationery needed for students at Hogwarts.
DescriptionShop or Place
A Shop selling 'jokes and tricks to fulfill even Fred and George Weasley's wildest dreams'.
Visited by Harry, Ron and Hermione to buy a present for Dobby 'where they had fun selecting the most lurid socks they could find.'
Sybill Trelawney made one of her prophecies in this place.
Severus Snape is killed in this building.
This quaint place is described by Harry as 'the haunt of happy couples'.

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