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Can you name the events in and around Revolutionary Boston?

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June 17, 1775
Thomas Gage is out and ____ is in
Massacre Soldiers' defense attorney
Holiday that saw brawling/parading
How many troops marched onto Lexington?
Positions Fortified by cannon
Earthworks were dug on Bunker Hill, but moved to the higher___
British Sentry, Boston Massacre
Cannons brought by
Cannons captrued from ____ gave Washington the upper hand
Main British camp located
Bostonians to congress
General who served a a private, killed at Bunker Hill
Robert Treat Paine raises 'Liberty and Union' Flag (1774)
Who coins the phrase 'no taxation without representation' ?
Boston Massacre took place where?
July 18, 1776, this is read from the Town House balcony
Owner of at least one 'tea party' ship
Revolutionary Cousins
July 18, 1776 King Street is renamed____
Man who hung the signal lanterns in Christ's Church (Old North)
What creature lives at Faneuil Hall?
Number of shots fired on April 19, 1775
First 'martyr' of the revolution
Paul Revere ____ rode out of Boston on April 18, 1775
March 17, 1776
December 16, 1773
How many militia men came out to the fight by day's end?
Islands where fighting took place during seige
Local dentist

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