What TMs do each gym leader give you?

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Gym LeadersTMs
Brock (Generation I)
Brock (Generation III)
Brock (Generation IV)
Misty (Generation I)
Misty (Generation III & IV)
Lt. Surge (Generation I)
Lt. Surge (Generation III & IV)
Erika (Generation I)
Erika (Generation II, III, & IV)
Koga (Generation I & III)
Janine (Generation II)
Janine (Generation IV)
Sabrina (Generation I)
Sabrina (Generation III)
Sabrina (Generation IV)
Blaine (Generation I & III)
Blaine (Generation IV)
Giovanni (Geneartion I)
Giovanni (Generation III)
Blue (Generation IV)
Falkner (Generation II)
Gym LeadersTMs
Falkner (Generation IV)
Bugsy (Generation II)
Bugsy (Generation IV)
Whitney (Generation II & IV)
Morty (Generation II & IV)
Chuck (Generation II)
Chuck (Generation IV)
Jasmine (Generation II & IV)
Pryce (Generation II)
Pryce (Geneartion IV)
Clair (Generation II)
Clair (Generation IV)
Roxanne (Generation III)
Brawly (Generation III)
Wattson (Generation III)
Flannery (Generation III)
Norman (Generation III)
Winona (Geneartion III)
Tate & Liza (Generation III)
Wallace (Generation III)
Juan (Generation III)
Gym LeadersTMs
Roark (Generation IV)
Gardenia (Generation IV)
Maylene (Generation IV)
Crasher Wake (Generation IV)
Fantina (Generation IV)
Byron (Generation IV)
Candice (Generation IV)
Volkner (Generation IV)
Chili/Cress/Cilan (Generation V)
Lenora (Generation V)
Burgh (Generation V)
Elesa (Generation V)
Clay (Generation V)
Skyla (Generation V)
Brycen (Generation V)
Drayden/Iris (Generation V)
Cheren (Generation V)
Roxie (Generation V)
Marlon (Generation V)

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