DSM-IV Axis II Personality Disorders

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Can you name the DSM-IV Axis II Personality Disorders?

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DescriptionDisorder Type
Detachment from social relationhips, odd perceptions and behaviors
The 3 Disorders of the Odd-Eccentric Cluster
Detachment from social relationships, restricted emotions
Excessive emotionality, need to be the center of attention, overly dramatic, shallow
The 3 Disorders of the Anxious-Fearful Cluster
Suspiciousness/distrust of others, others assumed hostile
Lack of stability in relationships and emotion/self-image, impulsive, fear of abandonment, suicidal gestures
DescriptionDisorder Type
Exaggerated Self Importance, arrogance, preoccupation with fantasies
Preoccupation with orderliness and control
The 4 Disorders of the Dramatic-Erratic Cluster
Helplessness, clinging, indecisive, need to be taken care of
Inhibition in social situations, oversensitivity, feelings of inadequacy
Disregard for/violation of rights of others

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