YTPMV Medley Songs

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Can you name the songs used to make this YTPMV Medley?

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TimeFadOriginal Artist
0:00-0:06wowaka (Nico Nico Douga user)
0:06-0:16Hampton the Hamster
0:30-0:42 (song within #3)Vim
0:42-0:45Kirby Superstar Background Music
0:45-0:56Brooklyn Bounce feat. Sample Rippers
0:56-1:19Sp1r1t (Newgrounds User)
1:19-1:42ChinaShima (Newgrounds User)
1:42-2:07Renard feat. FIAB
2:18-2:28Beatmania IIDX Red (RED)
2:28-2:39Beatmania IIDX Sirius
TimeFadOriginal Artist
2:39-2:52PluginPowerPack Keygen Background Music
3:10-3:34Touhou Project Background Music
3:34-3:39Touhou Project Background Music
3:39-3:49Touhou Project Background Music
3:49-4:00Pokemon Background Music
4:10-4:43Beatmania IIDX Red (RED)
4:43-4:54jubeat Ripples
4:54-5:35Touhou Project Background Music
5:35-5:48Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3
5:48-6:25Saki ED

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