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Can you name the correct unit type or hero name if given one of Warcraft II's unit's 'annoyed' responses?

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Human Alliance
You're the king? I didn't vote for ya! 
I'd rather be sailing. 
Even elder races get tired of waiting. 
Don't force me to run you through! 
Are you listening? 
Tilt one back with me, dog! 
I warned you (followed by thunder sound) 
(Vomiting sound) 
Orcish Hoarde
Orcish Hoarde 
You're good looking for a human. 
D'you want axe? 
(Burping sound followed by) He did! No, he did it! 
I've got the brains. Nuh-uh! 
I can see my house from here! 
When my work is finished, I'm coming back for you. 
Who wants to sing? 
Allied Heroes (Beyond the Dark Portal)
You never touch the other elves like that. 
You're talking to me? 
Do you know who I am? 
You got a belly full of haggis. 
You think Lothar's death was my fault, don't you? 
Hoarde Heroes (Beyond the Dark Portal)
Do you like fire? 
Ner'zhul will have your head. 
Welcome to my nightmaaaare! 
Do you feel lucky, punk? 
Stop that incessant clicking! 

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