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What is Sheldon and Leonard's address?
What does Howard name the cricket in 'The Jiminy Conjecture'?
Name one of the goth girls Howard and Raj meet in 'The Gothowitz Deviation'.
Which species does Raj claim he would become King of during the meteor shower?
What does Sheldon give to Amy as a gift to apologise for being unenthusiastic about her work being featured in a magazine?
What is the name of Raj's iPhone virtual assistant?
Which online game is Penny briefly hooked on?
Which musical instrument does Leonard play?
Penny gives Sheldon a napkin signed by which actor?
Which state is Penny from?
Question Answer
In the first season finale which language does Sheldon attempt to learn?
Sheldon hides emergency money inside a model of which superhero?
Leonard attempts to retrieve a TV from Penny's ex-boyfriend; name that boyfriend,
What is Sheldon's twin sister called?
What does Sheldon say he wanted as a childhood pet after his cat was run over?
What does Penny call her homemade hair accessories?
Which state does Sheldon briefly move to after his and Leonard's apartment is robbed?
Sheldon tells Penny he has non-slip adhesives in his bath in the shape of which animal?
Whilst interviewing Leonard before he moves in, Sheldon asks him who is superior out of Kirk or Picard; which does he choose?
Which actress does Howard imagine to be sharing his bath with him whilst pondering his relationship with Bernadette?

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