Songs From the Movie, Mamma Mia

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Can you name the songs from the movie, mamma mia??

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SongsExtra Info
 By Sophie
 By Sophie, Ali and Lisa
 By Donna, Tayna, Rosie and the Greek Choras
 By Donna, Sophie, Ali, Lisa, and Greek Chorus
 By Donna, Tayna and Rosie
 By Donna, Tayna, Rosie, Greek Choras and Company
 By Harry, Bill, Sam, Sophie, and Donna
 By Sky, Sophie, Sky's Bachelor Party Friends
 By Donna, Tayna and Rosie
SongsExtra Info
 By Sophie, Donna, Tanya, Rosie, Ali, Lisa and Greek Chorus
 By Donna, Sam, Tanya, Rosie, Harry, Bill, Sky, Ali, Lisa, and Pepper
 By Sam, Donna, and Greek Chorus
 By Tanya, Pepper, Guys, and Girls
 By Tanya, Pepper, Guys, and Girls
 By Donna
 By Sam, Donna, and Company
 By Sam, Donna, and Company
 By Rosie, Bill, Tanya, Pepper, and Harry

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