Premier League First Names

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Can you name the Premier League teams with the corresponding first names?

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Daniel, Ryan, Steven, David, Martin
Graham, Robbie, Steven, Kevin, David
Michael, Joe, Paulo, Daniel, John
Phil, Darren, Lee, Craig, Andy
Nick, George, Stephen, Kevin, Paul
James, Matthew, Robert, Thomas, Dean
David, Peter, Tom, Alan, Jonathan
Michael, Steve, David, Tommy, John
Wayne, Stephen, Michael, Martin, Shaun
Gary, Kevin, Mark, Andy, Matt
John, Richard, James, Nigel, Steve
Stephen, Roger, James, Stuart, Kevin
Michael, Darren, Gary, John, Paul
Jack, Rob, Mark, Scott, Matthew
Simon, Paul, Danny, John, Mark
Kevin, Greg, Chris, Andy, Richard
David, Ryan, Jason, Paul, Christopher
William, Aaron, Carlos, Thomas, Jack
Phil, Steven, Jack, James, Joseph
Chris, Jason, Charles, Hugo, Paul

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